We are Life, Universe & Everything Else

LUEE Studio is an audiovisual service company with drive and passion to take on challenging projects.
We keep up to date with current and future trends in all our working areas.
With a highly specialised team and the ability to grow with the project, we can help you in any phase of your project.


It all starts with a good design. It has to be useful, attractive and has to be able to clearly deliver its message. We love diving head first in the creative process and get to know every aspect of the project. We love beautiful things but there must be a reasoning behind every decision. We are detail oriented and perfectionists.

We deliver:

Branding     Logotypes     Illustration     Editorial     Advertising     Layout     Packaging     Merchandise     Product     Magazine covers     Album covers     Merchandise     Posters     Flayers


If a picture is worth a thousand words, we make sure those words are the correct ones. First impressions may define a relationship, create a brand and make it more valuable or set and ideology. Let’s start with a solid foundation that allows us to keep building and growing from it.

We deliver:

Advertising     Product     Portrait     3D / CGI     Editorial     Photography     Post production and visual effects


Storytelling is more present than ever. Whether it’s a small brilliant idea that can become a global phenomenon or a technical slideshow that has to keep the audience interested, we help you with the creative process and together we create the best outcome for your project.

We deliver:

2D Animation     3D Animation     Motion graphics     Tutorials     Storyboards and Animatics     Brand animation     Video     ·Videoclips / Lyric videos     ·Spots     ·Films / Short Films / Documentaries     ·Video reports     Visual post-production     Visual effects (VFX)


Having the best message is worthless if you can’t deliver it to your audience. We make it easy for your audience to find what they are looking for and surprise them along the way. Together we will create a communication strategy that helps you get where you want to be.

We deliver:

Management of social networks     Creation content for social networks     1-7 Publications per week     ·Photographic shootings     ·Illustration     ·Video     ·Graphic design     ·3D / CGI     ·Photoreport     ·Video report     Web     Apps


50% of an audiovisual is sound. Music, dialogues and sound effects help immerse oneself in the world set in front of our eyes and is key on keeping us glued to the screen. Soundtracks are as important as any other area and we put all the effort and passion necessary to make sure the outcome is on par with the rest of the project.

We deliver:

Soundtracks     Sound desgin     Sound effects     Audio recordings     ·Spots     ·Tutorials     ·Motion graphics     ·Voice Off


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